Expert Speakers

Abby Herman

Abby Herman is a content strategist and consultant for service-based business owners who want to gain visibility for their businesses with personalized content strategies and implementation. She specializes in idea generation and content strategy and delivery so her clients can keep on doing what they love in their businesses, making the marketing piece feel easy.

Abby is the voice behind The Content Experiment Podcast, where she features guests and solo episodes to talk about business growth and mindset, content strategy, and visibility.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Master Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2022

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Alia Khatib

Alia is a LinkedIn and Marketing Coach & Consultant for high-achieving online coaches and service providers passionate about transforming lives and making impact.

She's spent over 12 years in the business and marketing world, and now she applies that expertise to help her clients create tailored action plans and systems so they can make giant strides forward from the simplest steps. She is with them every step of the way, because nothing excites her more than seeing their businesses flow with clients that light them up. I’ve spent over 12 years in the business and marketing world, and now I apply that expertise to help my clients create tailored action plans and systems so they can make giant strides forward from the simplest steps. I’m with them every step of the way, because nothing excites me more than seeing their businesses flow with clients that light them up.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Use LinkedIn as a Tech VA

Andrea Hubbert

Andrea is a disruptor...since an early age. So said her middle school teachers who sent her home with daily report cards because she wouldn't stop talking in class.

Her methods may have changed since then, but her spirit remains the same.

Today, she is a public relations strategist and copywriter who helps creators be intentional in the ways they connect with their audiences.

As an avid student of human behavior, and Jedi-master of media outreach, it's aleays a wild ride helping clients get seen, heard, signed and remembered by the right people.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Use Storytelling to Create Captivating Copy

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Andréa Jones

Andréa Jones has built an online business committed to empowering businesses to utilize the power of social media in a positive and impactful way, without being overwhelmed and drained by it.

With over 7 years experience in the game, Andréa hosts the acclaimed podcast, the Savvy Social Podcast, leads a team providing done-for-you service inside of her marketing agency that was named a Top Digital Marketing Agency in 2021, and serves over 200 students in her membership, the Savvy Social School.



Arijana Ilibasic

Arijana Ilibasic is an Online Business Manager and Delegation Consultant, helping service providers and course creators turn their businesses on autopilot with strategic delegating and smart systems.

She's the Founder of Scale & Simplify and has been working with online businesses for over 5 years, leading teams, managing launches, and building funnels for 6-figure course creators.

She currently lives in Serbia with her husband, two young kids, and a puppy (Fun fact: They recently moved their lives across the world, from Canada!).



Brittany Long

Brittany Long is the Evergreen Email Strategist, Speaker, and Co-Owner of the evergreen email agency, Win with Systems.

Brittany and her team write income-generating automated emails for business owners committed to increasing their revenue while getting off the overwork treadmill.

Brittany enjoys spending time outside, hiking with her husband and daughter, traveling, running, cooking, and writing. Together, Brittany, her husband, and their team lead entrepreneurs to a lifestyle of work-life balance with the Friday Off Club.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Nurture Your Audience + Grow Your Income with an Evergreen Email Sequence

Elizabeth Henson

Elizabeth Henson is the owner of Elizabeth Henson Co. Elizabeth has become the go-to expert in community management and leadership. She helps six and seven figure companies become pro's at building and maintaining large communities that turn into marketing machines.

Elizabeth's signature system for building word-of-mouth-based business and getting more referrals has changed the landscape of digital marketing. She gets businesses out of the content generating hamster wheel and into relationships that leverage their leadership. Elizabeth is also a BBD Plus Coach and Sales Pro for James Wedmore.

You can find Elizabeth working from home while jamming to 90s music! She loves hot yoga, and her core values are simple: To be creative and operate from her highest good every week. Our Community Management Agency and online course are built around a unique 5 step framework that masters community and lead generation strategy.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How To Build Community Around Your Brand

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Etinosa is a Pinterest manager on a mission to help online entrepreneurs increase their visibility, attract clients and grow their business through Pinterest marketing.

When she's not talking about Pinterest, you can find her reading a book, baking or thinking up random scenarios.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Use Pinterest Marketing for Your Business

India Brown

For India, video has always been her jam. She loves telling stories using video.

She specializes in creating video marketing strategies that create connections on a deeper emotional level allowing you to build trust, outshine your competitors and attract your ideal client.

Her mission is to empower you to show up on camera to be seen as the leading expert in your industry. Together, she can help you create engaging video content to help build your business, achieve your goals, and serve your audience.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Video Marketing

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Janice Chaka

Janice Chaka is a respected international HR professional, virtual business owner, introvert coach, and professional podcaster. Long before "working remote" was hip, she confidently led a remote recruiting team.

Known as the Career Introvert, Janice excels at solving complex HR challenges, managing emotions, and setting boundaries as an introvert -- Janice has mastered the art of leveraging introvert strengths to build a thriving virtual business in a global market. As a result, she is a sought-after author and speaker for digital summits on introversion, virtual work, and mental health.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Lead as an Introvert

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Kaci Ackerman

Kaci spent ten years as a Dental Office Manager before being furloughed due to covid. She now is a Certifed Online Business Manager and Verified ClickUp Expert running a six-figure business in less than two years.

Kaci transforms freelancers into CEOs with strategy, planning, and systems building so they can be confident in the back-end of their business and not stuck in the weeds.

Kaci's mission is to meet business owners where they are at in their business and serve the hell out of them!

Some fun facts: queen of typos & truth bombs, lover of stouts & porters, Netflix binger, sports fan, bike rider, friends obsessed.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Save Time (+ Sanity) with Systems for Your Business

Lawron Ballard

Lawron Ballard is a licensed CPA, speaker, author, and founder of The Discipling CPA, LLC—a tax and business profitability firm. Lawron is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and began her career at Deloitte in 2011, where she worked with various multinational Fortune 100 companies as a Tax Consultant.

When she's not serving her clients, she spends time with her husband, Tony, enjoying nature or snuggling up with a good book.

While accomplishments are great, Lawron's desire is to be known as a woman who is on a continual journey to understand what it means to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Set Your Business Up for Success

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Lesley Clavijo

After growing a popular lifestyle blog with multiple viral posts and a huge social media following Lesley Clavijo thought she knew everything there was to know about marketing. WRONG!

She was NOT prepared for the traffic and had NOTHING in place to capitalize on that opportunity. It took this HUGE lesson for her to realize how important it is to have a leads and sales system in place that would connect and nurture her audience at every touchpoint of their journey and prime them to buy!

Lesley is an online course and funnel specialist whose focus is on messaging, systems, and mindset. She believes everyone is born with infinite advantages and she is there to help each one of her clients discover their specific gifts so that they can package them up and leave an impact that lives forever.


INTERVIEW TITLE: The Value of Being Skilled at Tech + How to Charge Premium Prices

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Lisa Robbin Young

Lisa Robbin Young didn't wait to get discovered. She is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and accomplished musician with multiple albums to her credit. Lisa's been featured on Disney+ and is the host of Creative Freedom, a show that's evolved into a book, podcast, and live event series.

She helps creative entrepreneurs define and achieve success on their own terms. Lisa believes that the best way to be truly successful in life and business is to be yourself – warts, sparkles, and all – so you can Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul.

Lisa founded Ark Entertainment Media - a business growth consultancy for ambitious creatives who want to become the celebrity of their industry and leave a lasting legacy to future generations.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Ignite Your Star Power and Become a Celebrity in Your Niche

Lynn Neville

Lynn Neville is a Content & Business Strategist and Online Event Producer. She helps businesses grow their audience and get more leads with simple tools and strategies that get results without the overwhelm.

With Lynn's help, you'll be able to say goodbye to the struggle bus and say hello to a list full of loyal followers who want to buy your products and work with you!


INTERVIEW TITLE: Growing Your Business with Giveaway Bundles

Maci Wescott

Maci is a copywriter, digital marketer, and online business strategist known for her ability to transform words into cash through solid offer development, brand distinction, and audience connection. With a soft spot for emerging women entrepreneurs, her clients are people with big ideas who are changing their industries and the world for the better.

She helps these pathmakers design profitable offers using audience-focused marketing techniques, and crafts copy that sells these effective solutions with authenticity and ease. Enneagram 2. INFJ. Anti-hustle. Cold-brew aficionado. Strengths: Strategic, Activator, Individualization, Ideation, Communication.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Create A Values-Driven Content Machine with a Business Manifesto

Meredith Keith-Chirch

Meredith Keith-Chirch is the founder of Decolonizing Your Health, where she helps unconventional women reject oppressive norms and create the lifestyles that they truly want. In addition to this she enjoys multiple other roles, including that of dancer, vocalist, and self-directed education advocate. She's part of a low-tech, car-free, school-free, conscious living minimalist family.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Balance Between Your Rest And Responsibilities

Shannon Mattern

Shannon Mattern teaches solopreneurs how to DIY their websites and mentors web designers on how to package, price and position premium web design projects and how to scale with boundaries, not burnout.

She's the creator of the Free 5 Day Website Challenge, founder of the Web Designer Academy and host of the Pep Talks for Side Hustlers podcast.

Shannon's mission is to help online business owners create freedom, flexibility, financial independence and impact.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Service Provider Website Needs

Steph Wharton

Steph is the freaking queen of leadership + visibility. She specializes in helping her clients break the rules and diversify their marketing outside social media through strategic partnerships that expose them to untapped audiences filled with dream clients ready to invest.

When Steph isn't coaching clients on all things business, you can find her with a big glass of red wine, watching Spanish shows on Netflix, and making paella. Let’s be honest, she's day-dreaming of one day living in a Spanish villa! It's a whole damn vibeeee.


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Lead Sales Calls That Convert

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Tammy Pereira

Tammy is more than just a Facebook Ads Expert. She is also a corporate marketing and advertising consultant, strategist, speaker, and online business owner - and she practices what she preaches!

For over 20 years she has been working in marketing utilizing new and traditional media for billion-dollar companies and ad agencies, as well as her own company.

That means, not only does she understand the world of digital marketing, but she knows how to create an online business with Facebook advertising.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Facebook Ads - The $5-A-Day Ad System

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Tara Reid

Tara Reid has been a multi-passionate entrepreneur since 2007 and has built multiple 6-figure businesses. She loves all things marketing, sales funnels, content creation, and passive income.

As a multi-passionate, she has created many digital products, from courses to templates to kits and bundles - creating the perfect digital product offer isn't work for her, it's fun!


INTERVIEW TITLE: How to Use Your Tech Skills to Create a Perfect Digital Product

Tasha Booth

Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild - a full service launch support agency working with established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches. Her team is over 20 members strong and works together to support their clients in being able to focus back onto their zones of genius.

Additionally, she mentors Virtual Support Pros, Launch Managers, & Agency Owners who are passionate and ready to grow their businesses while living life on their own terms, and she is the host of the How She Did That Podcast -- a podcast for Virtual Support Pros to learn business and tech tips.


INTERVIEW TITLE: Starting An Agency

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